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Bori&Mochi | How does cold water affect our skin?
  • 19.12.02 17:04:26


 One of the most well-known beauty tips is rinsing the face with cold water as a finishing touch to facial cleansing!
At the last step of facial cleansing, rinsing the face with cold water is recommended to close pores. Are there any Purities who rinse their faces with cold water religiously?
Many of you Purities might wash the face with cold water expecting that it will increase the elasticity of your skin and tighten your pores. But did you know that this is wrong?
Therefore, exercising to stay healthy is important, but you also should not neglect skincare after exercising.

This time, we would like to explain why washing the face with cold water is actually not good. Mainly, there are two reasons.

 The first reason is that the temperature of the human body is maintained at 36.5 degrees Celsius, but when it is exposed to external elements such as UV rays, the body temperature goes up and the body releases sweat to lower its temperature.
On the contrary, when our bodies are exposed to cold environments and the body temperature goes down, blood vessels expand and blood supply is increased to bring the body temperature back to normal. In this process, the skin may become red.
When we rinse our face with cold water, the muscles in the face will temporarily contract and the pores will shrink, but the muscles will relax immediately and return to their original state. Such frequent temperature changes will repeatedly shrink and relax the pores, eventually weakening the skin’s shrinking power and potentially resulting in saggy skin and redness.

 The second reason is surfactant. Most facial cleansers contain surfactant. We can assume that products with a good cleansing effect contain a larger amount of surfactant.
This surfactant ingredient tends to harden at cold temperatures and in such cases, any foam residue remaining on the face may clog the pores and cause skin problems.


 Now, let’s find out about the right way to cleanse the face!

step.1 Put on a hair band before cleansing the face to keep the hair back. step.2 Cleanse your hands and lightly wet the face with water.

step.3 Dispense some cleanser into your palm and fully lather (you may choose to use a facial sponge).

step.4 With the foam, gently cleanse the face in circular motions for one minute. As facial cleanser can be absorbed into skin, do not rub the face for too long.

step.5 Lastly, rinse off with lukewarm water of a temperature that is similar to that of the skin.

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