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Bori&Mochi | Skin care before and after exercising
  • 19.11.12 13:25:42


 These days, not just office workers, but also young students and even the elderly are not lazy when it comes to getting exercise. These individuals probably exercise to stay in shape or to stay healthy.
Did you know that skincare both before and after exercising is very important? After a strenuous workout, the pores become enlarged and the face becomes flushed.
Therefore, exercising to stay healthy is important, but you also should not neglect skincare after exercising.


 1. Cleanse your face before and after exercising

 When you exercise, your breathing accelerates and the pores become enlarged. As the mixture of makeup and dust on the surface of the skin clogs the enlarged pores, both sweat and impurities are unable to be discharged from the pores, thus leading to skin problems.
Leaving the discharged impurities and sweat on the surface of the skin can cause skin damage, so make sure to wash your face both before and after exercising.
If you are worried about inner tightness due to frequent facial cleansing, use a pH 5.5-level, water-soluble cleanser to reduce irritation to the skin. When cleansing the face before and after exercising, rubbing the face too strongly can damage the skin’s elastin fibers which can result in saggy and wrinkly skin. It is important to wash your face lightly with water.


 2. Manage your sweat, even when exercising

 If you leave sweat on your face after a workout, the salt contained in sweat can make the skin even drier. Skin impurities contained in sweat and bacteria outside the skin can move back into the skin and form pimples.
Accordingly, when you exercise, you should not wipe your face with your hand and instead try to wipe the face using a clean handkerchief as needed.


 3. Soothing the skin after exercising

 After exercising, the temperature of the skin goes up, enlarging the pores. This results in a decrease in the skin’s elasticity. In addition, neglecting to change clothes after exercising can proliferate the amount of yeast in your sweat-soaked clothes, which can cause pimples. To prevent the proliferation of yeast, you should avoid any type of environment that yeast likes, such as a damp, humid environment.
You should take a shower immediately after exercising, change clothes, and soothe your skin with an aloe or green tea mask pack. Before going to bed, create an ice mask pack by putting an ice pack on the back of your neck. Doing such will firm up the pores.

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