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Double cleansing
  • 20.05.26 17:33:17

You must have been heard of this cliché sayings such as “Beauty sleep for skin, sufficient sleep keeps you healthy, etc.”

 The word ‘Double cleansing’ was not so much famous back in the days. It was only prevalent in few countries in Asia such as Korea or Japan and believed to be part of their eccentric skincare rituals. Nowadays, double cleansing is the shifting sands of beauty trend across western countries. With its benefits vouched by skincare experts and enthusiasts, the double cleansing method is proven to be effective during this full-makeup era.



What is double cleansing?

Double Cleansing is as the name suggests, to cleanse one after the other. The principle behind this is simple enough, for effective cleansing. By doing so, you are letting the cleanser penetrate much deeper inside your skin by removing the remainder of your makeup or impurities in advance. For instance, if you are one of those who like to slather on a list of products over and over, unwanted residue can be remaining after washing. This breaches the skin barrier and turns your beauty night into your worst nightmare.

When you put on heavy makeup or water-resistant sunscreens, these substances are not rinsed off easily and sometimes you do need to do many rounds of cleansing right after. This is when double cleansing kicks in, to make your life easy.

Double cleansing is key to perfect cleansing

As a city-born hipster, I wear sunscreen and makeup daily. However, the residues on my skin after a great night out always furrowed my eyes every time I looked into the mirror after a thorough cleanse! However, after placed a second cleansing step into my routine, boom. All gone! So guys, the double cleansing method does really work and it will clear your face of makeup and sunscreen residue. Now it is time to stop procrastinating and take the plunge! Allow your skin to flourish during your beauty sleep.


Cleansing oil is a makeup killer

Cleansing oil is the first step to the perfect double cleanse. Most cleansing oils do an excellent job in removing makeup and sunscreen, which makes them suitable for initial cleansing. In addition, nowadays most cleansing oils come out as natural emulsifiers. This mean the oil substance of a product combines with water and makes them emulsify. As a result, it helps cleanse dirt and gunk off your face much easier and thereby allowing your skin to be permeable for the products to penetrate in.

PURITO From Green Cleansing Oil is a gentle cleanser with an oil formula. It is based on 5 natural oils: Olive, Sunflower, Jojoba, Sweet Almond, and Grape Seed to remove makeup and impurities. For more information, click here.


Step by step to double cleansing

Once you finish the initial cleansing, then now it is time to turn your head to your go-to cleanser. Use a facial cleanser of your choice to clear out the pores and let the surfactants seep inside to clear the skin. After this step, make sure to apply moisture to prevent water loss.

PURITO Defence Barrier pH Cleanser is a mild cleanser with a low pH of 5.5. The cleanser has a gel formula to keep the skin barrier protected after washing. For more information about the cleanser, click here.

Know yourself, Know your skin

There is nothing more important than knowing your skin. You should know your skin any better than anyone else. Double cleansing may be effective by and large, but it may not work out for specific skin types and those with underlying skin conditions. Therefore, figuring out what exactly your skin type is the very first step to the perfect cleansing.

 All Information is factual and based on our research

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