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Body acne
  • 20.05.14 17:10:34


The weather is getting warmer and the season for shorts and swimsuit is coming!

 As our pants are getting shorter, there are more things need to be done. Acne breakouts on the face may be able to be covered by makeup, however, body acne is difficult to disguise especially if you are wearing clothes showing much of your body. This comes as very stressful for most people.  

Body acne breaks out over much of your body. So many would have no idea where to start with. The skin of the body is less sensitive but that does not mean you should haphazardly pop or scrub the pimples. You need to know the reasons in order to prevent it.




 **Reasons for body acne breakouts**

- Overproduction in sebum

 There are sebum glands in the body just like the face. Depending on the body or the surrounding environment, sebum may be overproduced and if this is left untreated, it can cause breakouts.

 - Improper usage of shampoo and conditioner.

 If you wash the body first and the hair later, the ingredients of the shampoo and conditioner cannot be rinsed off thoroughly but remaining in the body.

 - Too tight correction underwear.

If you wear correction underwear too tight for your body, this can cause friction which leads to breakouts. In addition, hyperpigmentation may occur from the friction.

 -  Germ and bacterial proliferation due to sweat.

 When the clothes are full of sweat after working out and if you don’t change your clothes but keep them on for a long time, that can cause germs and bacteria to grow. During sleep, people sweat so if you do not wash your pyjamas often and wear for a long time, bacteria growth may occur which causes breakouts.

 -  Wrong habits of keeping personal hygiene products.  

 A body brush, shower scrub, or a hand towel are used and dry over time in the bathroom. This humid environment is the perfect condition for germs to grow and this is also a bad habit that causes breakouts. Once products are used, you need to dry them and sanitize under the sun.


 **How to treat body acne**

-  Exfoliate

 You need to exfoliate on a regular basis. Use a toner or a pad containing BHAs to wipe the area and use products containing either Benzoyl Peroxide or Azelaic Acid for spot treatment during the summer.

Caution: you must consult doctors before using Benzoyl Peroxide or Azelaic Acid.

-  Moisturise and Hydrate the body  

 Do not use too many oily products even if your body gets dry. It’s better off to use a light facial moisturiser that contains a lot of moisture.

-  Take your shower order into account

 It’s much better off to wash your hair not touching your body whilst. When you are choosing shampoo or conditioner, please double-check there are any irritants included in the products before buying.

-  Wear clean clothes  

 You should hit the shower and change your clothes right after exercise. During sleep, our body is very prone to sweating and producing sebum. So you should clean your pajamas every now and then.

-  Look after your bath products

 Shower scrubs, shower towels and all the other products used in the bathtub need to be thoroughly dried for reuse.


 All Information is factual and based on our research

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