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What is pH and why it matters?
  • 20.04.16 16:23:58

 What is pH and why it matters?

The pH scale, many of whom heard of this have probably dabbled their hands in beauty products, myself included. However, whether you are a beauty enthusiast or not, pH level is as important as brushing teeth. In fact, pH level plays a far greater role than you may think. Here is why.

Written by Ro Moohyun



pH, known as ‘acidity scale’, is as the name suggests, identifies the level of acidity of substances. Madness. It may sound like our head starts to rack itself before a complicated math question. We all know how much you hate being a science nerd. But pH level is widely used in the world of beauty and is one of the basic foundations that all people, including the hardcore machos, should care about.


 Most wanted secret finally revealed

 Let’s get to washing. There is a barrier called the ‘skin mantle’ resides in our skin, which protects your skin from external stimuli like bacteria. To keep your skin clean of these bad boys, the skin generates an acidic layer. That is why, understandably, our skin looks like that of a baby, spotless after a good sleep. This regeneration process is at its peak during our sleep in an attempt to recuperate from the stress you got from the day. This acidic barrier plays a big role in the healing process. However, if you deliberately (or unknowingly) damage this barrier, the skin is left exposed to harmful things like germs and bacteria.

In the skincare world, pH is closely in relation with cleansing. As nowadays most cleansers boast their low-pH levels on the front label, pH level is one of the elements taken into consideration before buying a cleansing product.

 pH behind the science

The pH scale ranges from the lowest 1 to the highest 14. 7 is considered ‘neutral’. Hence anything lower than 7 is categorised as ‘acidic’ and ‘alkaline’ if higher than 7. The skin, surprisingly, is acidic in reverse to our knowledge that anything acidic can melt anything it touches (least I was one of them). According to most studies, humans have an average pH of 4.7 to 5.75. This comes as no surprise as the skin needs to keep its pH acidic so as to protect the skin from bacteria and germs.

Nevertheless, our haphazard washing techniques strip off our most protective layer of the skin. Yes. We are giving germs an opportunity to come in and wreak havoc!

 Why do we have to use a low-pH cleanser

 As mentioned, our skin is low-acidic therefore using acidic pH cleansers (though low acidic unless you want your face to erode) can help keep the skin barrier intact while washing.

Though, it is best off to use cleansers with similar pH levels to your skin. As these cleansers have similar pH levels to the skin, they do not irritate the skin as much, work effectively and go gentle with it.

 Alkaline cleansers can breach your deepest skin defence

The problems with using alkaline cleansers, unlike acidic, are they can breach your stronghold of the skin barrier and wreak havoc in your skin. Common skin symptoms such as redness, inflammation, scaling, and dryness are a common side effect of an alkaline cleanser (think of soap).

 Myths busted: As much as people may think, I did so too that squeaky sound of an alkaline cleanser mean they are doing their job. As if the cleanser is properly engaging with the dirt and grime. However, that feeling is not what you wished for, but a sign of your skin barrier is being compromised, left vulnerable to bacteria and other stimuli.

Our Defence Barrier pH Cleanser boast a low pH level of 5.5, designed to be protective of the skin barrier and suitable for daily use. Its formula is based on Centella Asiatica extracts, known for healing wounds. With our low pH cleanser, keep your beauty glow everlasting.

 All Information is factual and based on our research

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