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Bori&Mochi | Keratosis pilaris
  • 20.03.27 17:22:01

 Chicken skin, known as keratosis pilaris is a type of skin problems refers to pores to roughen and stick out.
It generally occurs on areas like the thighs, calves, and arms, if you touch in the wrong way that it can develop into pigmentation. This is not a serious skin problem nor causing pain, but it breaks out when keratin (dead skin cells) gets too much accumulated. As the pores of the skin get blocked by keratin, hinders the new budding hairs inside the pores to come out. As a result, where there should be a hair, instead it stays put inside the pore hence it comes up like chicken skin.



Chicken skin is a result of a clot of keratin, which is a solid protein that protects skin from harmful substances and infection. The reason keratin accumulates over time can be attributed to other skin-related factors such as genetics or atopic dermatitis. Dry skin can deteriorate these symptoms and worsen during dry seasons.



It can naturally go away in some cases, but the best way is using moisturiser so as to prevent the skin not to get dry.

- Apply cream that contains chemical exfoliants.
However, chemical exfoliators can cause skin irritation therefore those who have fragile skin like children should not use too often.

- Use products that help reinstate your pores.
The well-known substances for reinstating pores are creams derived from vitamin A, retinoid, and tretinoin.

- Cap your bath time, use warm water.
A shower or a bath removes the skin oil from the skin but if you use hot water for a long time, the oil layer which protects the skin can be washed off too. Therefore cap your bath or shower time below than 10 mins and use tepid water to wash yourself.

- Minimise irritation and avoid skin-roughening alkaline soap.
You must avoid excessive usage of physical exfoliating and gently wash with konjac sponge. Too much rubbing or pressure on the knobbly parts of the skin can irritate your skin and can make it worse. Therefore, after a bath, gently tap your face with a towel and leave some moisture in your face.

- Apply moisturiser when your skin is still moist after a bath.
Applying a moisturiser onto moist skin is much more effective than onto dry skin, as this helps balance the moisture within and soothe dry skin.

- Keep moderate humidity.
Low humidity can dry your skin therefore it is best to keep humidity moderate.

- Avoid friction from wearing tight clothes.
The area where you have the symptoms must be protected from any friction caused by wearing tight clothes.

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