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RootTime | No more chapped lips!
  • 20.01.20 17:55:18

 Having luscious lips can really help draw attention to your face. However, lips can be sensitive and get damaged easily. Even though we exfoliate lips with a lip scrub and pay more attention to apply a lip balm, the lips get chapped after going out.
Especially, a lip tint and liquid lipstick make the lips flakier and more chapped. There are several tips to make the lips look filler and make them softer.
Let’s get started!

 1. How to exfoliate chapped lips?

 Exfoliating your lips is not only a tip for beautiful lip makeup, but also, it’s an essential routine to make a healthy lip! You can scrub off the dead skin with a lip balm, lip treatment or lip butter. The layer of lips is super thin, we should exfoliate lips soak it well in the lip care products. It is much better to use creamy lip care products rather than a hard type lip balm.


1) Apply about triple the amount of a normal application.
2) Don’t miss a single dead skin between the wrinkles!
3) Let this sit for 10 minutes until the dead skin is soft.
4) wipe off with a damp toner cotton pad.
5) Wipe the inner lip with a cotton swap.

  There is another way to scrub odd the dead skin.


1) Apply a store-bought lip scrub on your lips and between the wrinkles.
2) Rub the scrub onto your lips, vigorously enough to loosen the dead skin for 1~2 minutes.
3) Let it sit 5 minutes until it is soft.
4) Then wipe off with a damp washcloth or a soaked cotton pad in toner.

 2. Non-Drying Lip Makeup Tips!


 1) Wipe off with toner-soaked pad

We don’t apply a moisturizer as soon as cleansing the face, right? Like as applying lotion to the face after a toner, wipe off the lips with a toner before applying a lip care product. It will bring more effective moisturizing affect.

Here is one more tip to keep the lips moisturizing!


 2) Applying hyaluronic acid serum

Apply hyaluronic acid serum before applying a lip balm. It is a humectant, which means that it binds to water to pull in hydration to the skin on the lips. So, applying HA serum on your lips can help your lips look moist, refreshed, and rejuvenated all day long.

 3. How to Fix Lip Makeup

 When we look in the mirror after having a meal, the lipstick is little bit erased, and remains in weird! How to fix the lip makeup?


1) Apply a lot of lip balm and wipe off the dead skin and lip residue.
2) Gently remove the saliva on the inner lips and apply the lipstick.

If you want to add moisturizing after applying the lipstick?

Put a lip-balm on your fingertips and apply it lightly to your lips. .

 4. Lip Makeup Hacks

  Long-lasting application

1) Put a paper towel on your lips
2) Pat the powder.
3) Apply the lipstick! 
How to apply a matte lipstick?

Apply the lipstick lengthwise
like the direction of wrinkles.
You need to apply it
with wrinkles to make
your lipstick smoother



Keep the lipstick off your teeth

Form an "O" with your lips,
put your indexfinger through
the "O," and slowly pull it out.


   Shortcut for the Video

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