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RootTime | New Year Beauty Hacks / What to do with expired beauty products?!
  • 20.01.06 15:42:58

 The New Year, 2020 has dawned! The New Year provides us all opportunity to begin fresh, and to reinvent ourselves for the better. In that spirit, we organize and clean up the house and room.

However, while we are cleaning up the house, we find lots of things not used or can’t be used, right? Especially, it’s difficult to throw beauty products away. So, I am going to let you know the super essential tips that at least you can reuse the cosmetic passed its expiry dates meaningfully. Before we discover how to reuse the overdue beauty products, we should know how to check the expiry date first.

If you are a K-beauty lovers, you might have seen “2022.07.01 까지”. What does 까지 means? And How to transfer it? It stands for YYYY.MM.DD Until. If a product says 2023.08.21 까지. It stands for the product must be used until Aug 21th, 2023.

Let’s dig it more.


 1) MFD, MFG


 M stands for Manufactured, which means date of manufacture. For instance, MFG 06/2019, it means that the product is made in June 2019.

 2) EXP


 EXP stands for ‘Expiry date’, which means expiration date.

 3) BB, BBE, BE


 ‘Best Before End dates’, which means the date of the right to use cosmetics.

 4) Code (eg.B48 18114)


 You can also check the detail information on the website with the code.

 5) Icon


 You might have seen this icon look like a jar opening its lid. The number that is on the jar stands for the expiry period after opening the product. If there is 6M, it means that the product should be used all for 6 months.

 Also, you had better to keep in mind the average available period.


 From skincare products to makeup products, let me tell you how to reuse overdue or not using beauty products.

 1. Moisturizer


 Put some moisturizer on a dry cloth and rub on stained leather products. It helps polish the leather and get rid of the dirt.

 2. Sunscreen



 Apply sunscreen on rusty scissors or sticky residue and wipe off the sunscreen after 10 minutes. Sunscreen helps get rid of the rust, and it removes sticker’s residue.

 3. Facial Cream


 You can reuse a facial cream as a hair pack. Apply the facial cream on your wet hair. After 10 minutes, rinse it! You’ll get soft and shiny hair.

 4. Lipstick


 You can reuse your lipsticks as a DIY cream blusher and a silver polisher. Melt the lipstick and foundation by using hair dryer and blend it. Put it in the refrigerator until it gets solid. Also, you can use it as a silver polisher. Put the lipstick on your silver accessories and rubbing with a soft cloth.

 5. Eyeshadow


 You can reuse eyeshadows as a DIY nail polish. Break the shadow in small pieces and mix it well with a clear nail polish.

 6. Facial Cleanser


 You can reuse a cleanser as a brush cleanser. Cleanse the brush putting the cleanser on your palm. Put lukewarm water on a cup and rinse it well in circles. It's important to rinse it several times so that there are no cleansers left.


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    Spam You did a very good review of the beauty products. I can find more and more ideas like, but you made the best detail here fro our help. By reading I found many great useful reviews.
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