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Bori&Mochi | Tips for keeping your nails healthy and beautiful
  • 19.12.27 15:56:11


 Nowadays, an increasing number of people enjoy nail art to match the season and their own personal taste.
Did you know that basic nail care and grooming are very important for the health of your nails, just like basic skin care and cleansing are more important for your face than makeup?
In particular, people, who get nail art regularly, may gradually begin to experience thinning nails or dry nails. Today, we would like to offer beauty tips for maintaining healthy nails.


 1. Nail cuticle care

 The dead skin cells of nails, called “cuticles,” form a thin layer of skin covering the root of nails. As the nail cuticle does not have nerves, most people choose to remove their cuticles, but the cuticle works like a shield that blocks bacteria from infiltrating more sensitive skin.
If we remove cuticles indiscriminately, it can increase the possibility of getting bacterial infection. So, instead, after soaking your cuticles in vitamin E oil and jojoba oil push the cuticle back gently.
We need to remove only unnecessary parts of the cuticle. Also, to maintain the moisture of the nails, we should apply jojoba oil to the nails regularly.


 2. Trimming nails

 When trimming nails, we recommend using straight nail clippers, rather than U-shaped nail clippers.
Our nail has a slightly curved shape, rather than a flat shape, so instead of clipping it all off at once, we need to clip it off little by little over several times. Furthermore, if we trim our nails too short, there is a risk of getting a bacterial infection, so we should leave nail a little longer. We should also trim our nails when they are wet.
(However, because the cuticle can become over soaked, try not to push your cuticles back while they are wet! We recommend using oil for cuticle care.)


 3. Nutritional intake

 Nails are considered the mirror of our body and it reflects the overall condition of our body health in terms of the consumption of vitamins, protein, iron, calcium, and sodium.
When we have a well-rounded intake of nutrients, we will probably have healthy nails. Nails are part of our skin. As with the cornified layer of skin, which is the outermost part of the skin, nails consist of a substance called keratin and keratin is made of proteins.
Bananas, red meat, and almonds contain abundant proteins that are good for nails and eggs are also rich in vitamin D, biotin, and vitamin B, so they help with the formation of keratin.


 Healthy nails have a light pinkish color and a defining whitish moon shape on the root of nails and the surface of nails is smooth and strong.
If nails have gotten thin and damaged due to frequent use of nail art, the nails need a break from the nail art. If nails have become brittle even after a break, you may start to suspect that the problem is not limited to the nails and our body needs sufficient nourishment.

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